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Classes, Details and Pricing


Play Date on Stage! - (Ages 4 - 6) - Closed

Saturdays 9:30 am – 10:30 am

This introductory dramatics class, designed for our younger actors, explores the most basic elements of acting and creative expression. Through simple theater games, puppetry, story acting (i.e. The Three Little Pigs, etc.) speech/diction exercises, music, and stage movement, students will develop age appropriate acting and social skills. Classes will focus on thematic learning, providing hands-on activities that support the child’s focus in creativity.

This class is held in a 12-week semester and does not culminate in a formal performance.

Instructors: Marsha Mayhak, Jenna Panza
CLASS FEE: $150 (Includes materials cost for theme weeks)

Page to Stage Acting! - (Ages 6 - 9) - Closed

Tuesdays, 4:30pm - 5:30pm

This more advanced dramatics class, designed for young actors, moves students out of the “fairy tale” stories into more in-depth scene work, skits and short plays. Through higher level acting games, beginning improvisation exercises, directed script work and note taking, students will further understand the rehearsal process. Students will also build confidence in their acting and auditioning skills through character development training, more advanced stage movement and voice/diction drills. Students will utilize several weeks of class creating characters and a script, to enhance the experience of how a story can become a show.

This class is held in a 15‐week semester; class performance on final day of class on May 10th.

Instructors: Lani Cataldi

Acting Workshop (Ages 11 - 17) - Closed

Wednesdays, 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Students in this class will focus on scene development through self-directed group work, complex theater games, and script work to develop broader character choices. This course will teach students how to take blocking notes in a script and to understand the motivation behind their directed movement. Script-work will include studying scenes from classic pieces through contemporary theater, including Gemini Theater original productions. Script work will also include students “directing” one another to focus on applying movement and motivation to a scene. Students will spend time on developing confidence in “cold readings,” which are common for auditions as well as how to choose a monologue for an audition situation. Though the class is performance-based, some light writing will occur during certain classes to build upon lessons taught. At least two classes will be dedicated to improvisation scenes that are designed specifically to help develop skills in establishing characters, conflict-resolution, and closure. Though enrolling in this workshop is not required for both Fall and Spring Semesters, materials and lessons are designed to be built upon from Fall to Spring.

This class is held in a 15‐week semester; class performance on final day of class on May 11th.

Instructors: Jen Majetic

Lights! Curtain! Musical (Ages 8 - 14) - Closed

Thursdays, 5:45pm - 6:45pm

Students will work with their teacher to use song and dance to develop a musical revue which will include award-winning songs from theater and film as well as original music from Gemini Theater’s Lani Cataldi. Each class will be dedicated to learning music and basic choreography to musical numbers. This class will truly focus on student need and is meant to be a fun and energetic, with no prior experience necessary nor expected.

This class is held in a 15‐week semester; class performance on final day of class on May 12th.

Instructors: Jenna Panza

Fun & Games On Stage (Ages 8 - 12) - Closed

Tuesdays, 5:45pm - 6:45pm

This workshop is designed for kids who want to have a great time “playing” on stage without the focus on a final performance. Through the use of theater games and improvisation activities, students will have the opportunity to try their hand at character development, dialect work, and thinking on their feet. Props, costumes, and music will play a role in these activities. This class will help students develop problem-solving strategies in a fun and creative atmosphere. No prior experience is required – this class is a great opportunity for those who have not been in a theater class in the past. For students with some theater background, this class will help develop skills in quick-thinking, improvisation, and working with a smaller group setting.

This class is held in a 10-week semester and does not culminate in a formal performance.

Instructors: Lani Cataldi

Tell-A-Tale Performance (Ages 8 - 11) - Closed

Saturdays, 10:45am - 11:45am

This class will work together to rehearse and perform a “Gemini Junior” production. Students will work together to create their own, live performance of one of Gemini Theater’s original children’s scripts. In class auditions will be held to assign roles, with all students participating in the production. In true Gemini fashion, students will have the opportunity to give input on how their characters will look and sound, as well as collaborate to make unique twists in the story. Students will learn how to take blocking notes, work as a team on stage, and help create their own live performance in one semester! This class is great for students who want to perform in a live production but need a less rigorous rehearsal schedule.

This class is held in a 15‐week semester; performance will be held on the final day of class on May 14th.

Instructors: Marsha Mayhak

Camp Cancellation Policy

In the event you choose to cancel and withdraw your child from a Gemini Theater Class, the following restrictions apply:

  • A student withdrawn after attending less than three weeks of classes will be refunded 75% of their tuition;
  • Student withdrawal after three weeks of classes will only eligible for credit or special refund due to emergency or medical situations or at the discretion of the Executive Director;
  • “No Show” students may not be offered a refund if Gemini Theater is unable to make contact within three weeks of class start date. Credit for another class will be offered at the discretion of the Executive Director;
  • Gemini Theater reserves the right to change these policies based on individual circumstance;
  • Special circumstances where a credit may not be issued include loss of class day due to severe weather conditions causing Gemini Theater to cancel classes or Father Ryan Arts Center to shut down or close temporarily. PLEASE NOTE: always follow WPXI and our website and look for GEMINI THEATER in listing.



Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is made possible by a generous grant provided by Paige's Promise, Kenny's Club, the McSwigan Family Foundation and the Christoper Lynch Memorial Fund. We do our best to give every child an opportunity to participate in our assistance program.

Applications for Tuition Assistance for Acting Classes and Summer Camps are processed online during the registration process. To apply, register your child for the class you are interested in attending and select "Applying for Tuition Assistance" and complete the form. Please note that incomplete applications will delay your request.


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